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Partners Join In! Developing and validating a new measure assessing Joint Informed Decision Making in prenatal screening

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Start date: 1 June 2020
End date: 31 May 2024


prenatal screening, decision-making, support

Future parents often want to make a joint decision on the uptake of prenatal screening (e.g. NIPT or anomaly scan) during pregnancy. Currently, little is known about this joint decision-making process and the impact it has on the final decision and those who make that decision. We will investigate which factors are important for joint decision-making in prenatal screening. We will interview women, their decision partners and care providers on their experiences. This information will be combined in a questionnaire for joint decision-making. Subsequently, we will test the quality (validity) of this instrument. This project will give more insight into the decision-making process in prenatal screening, which will offer suggestions for improving this process. 


To develop a tool to assess joint decision-making between a pregnant woman and her partner in prenatal screening.