Academie Verloskunde Maastricht

Collaboration partners

The research centre Midwifery Science aims to conduct high-quality research in co-creation with national and international partners to contribute to optimizing midwifery care. In recent years, the research centre has worked on an extensive network to initiate joint research projects.

Midwifery Research Netwerk Nederland (MRNN): a collaboration network for midwifery research in the Netherlands 

KNOV: Royal Dutch Association for Midwives

Limburgs Consortium Verloskunde (LOQS): collaboration network of professionals in maternity care in Limburg (Regio in the south of the Netherlands).

Maastricht University en MUMC+: research groups of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, General Practitioners, Health Promotion and Education, Education & Research

EU COST Action IS1405: BIRTH: Europees Netwerk voor multidisciplinair onderzoek op het gebied van de geboortezorg

EU FP7: OptiBIRTH: Europees onderzoeksproject met Trinity College Dublin IRL en een 9-tal andere Europese universiteiten

University of Michigan, USA