Academie Verloskunde Maastricht


The core of the research centre Midwifery Science is to generate and implement knowledge, skills and best practices in the field of reproductive and maternity care.

The researchers of the research centre combines knowledge, skills and theories from multiple disciplines, such as obstetrics, neonatology, embryology, anatomy, (patho) physiology, epidemiology, medicine, sexology, public health, psychology, sociology, ethics and communication sciences to do justice to the complexity of maternity care. The research centre pays attention to the scientific development of current and prospective professionals and the participation of (expecting) parents.

  1. The research centre generates knowledge to enhance the physiological approach of (pre)conception, pregnancy, childbirth and the first weeks post birth, and the many highly diverse factors that affect this process. There is special attention to the development of best practices and the supporting role of the current and prospective professionals in this process.
  2. The research centre facilitates implementation of these factors and knowledge to enhance the possibility of promoting the normal reproductive process, of recognizing, diagnosing and treating any deviations in a timely fashion. The research centre aims that care provided by midwives is based on fundamental and applied knowledge of this physiological process of pregnancy and childbirth. 
  3. The research centre is responsible for the development in research and EBM- skills of students, lecturers and professionals in midwifery practice. This enables the current and prospective midwives or teachers to initiate and participate in scientific research, to contribute to interdisciplinairy networks and to create and implement efficient and effective innovations.