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Studies in progress

An educational programme to support student midwives in becoming competent and confident practitioners of physiological childbirth
The midwifery model of care is an effective model when compared with other models of care, demonstrating similar or improved outcomes achieved with fewer medical interventions when compared to traditional models of medical care.
Women’s attitudes, expectations and experiences of maternity care in the Netherlands
There is growing pressure on moving the Dutch obstetric system towards a system of integrated care in which the woman has a central position.
Exnovating for better birth
Good communication and collaboration are prerequisites for good health outcomes, but guidelines and protocols are not sufficient.
VeCas: Optimizing primary midwifery practice
Midwives, obstetricians and other professionals make arrangements for obstetric care which are recorded in guidelines, protocols and care pathways. These agreements are, where possible, based on scientific research, now mostly generated from data of high-risk /mixed low or high-risk populations. The use of this evidence can lead to overestimation of risk.