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Interprofessional education in maternity care: from orientation to co-creation

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In midwifery care we aim to provide client-centred care. This requires intensive collaboration between care givers in maternity care. The associations of midwives and obstetricians endorse in their visions the importance of extensive collaboration between both professionals.

Start date: 1 september 2013
End date: 31 december 2015

However, this collaboration is currently suboptimal and the quality of collaboration between professional groups vary much between regions. Educational en professional organisations aim to make a contribution to the optimization of collaboration within maternity care. Therefore, they declared interprofessional education as a focus in a joint statement.

In 2014, an orientation occurred to potential collaboration partners in the South-East of the Netherlands. Key figures were interviewed about their interests and goals with regard to interprofessional education and collaboration. Then, a selection was made of two promising partners for AVMU. In 2015, we developed educational activities together with these selected partners which are implemented in the educational programmes of all partners.