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Would you like to develop into a future-focused midwife? Would you like work on complex challenges such as those found in today’s changing care sector and in intensive collaborations with other disciplines? Then the European Master of Science in Midwifery is the degree programme for you!

The European Master of Science in Midwifery offers an excellent opportunity to delve into a wide range of topics related to midwifery and beyond, from both a national and an international perspective.
The master's programme was developed by five universities in 2009 and the AVMU was one of these. 

The University of Midwifery Education & Studies (AVMU) hopes to be accredited to offer the entire programme independently in 2017. If you want to enroll you can do this at our partner in Hannover, where the programme is fully accredited.

The programme contains 120 ECTS. The language of instruction is English and you will need proper writing and speaking skills for the contact hours, teamwork and for the assignments. 
In order to follow the elective modules mentioned below, you can subsequently enrol at the AVMU. Then you will pay AVMU the tuition fee for these modules. It is also possible to do the assignments that belong to these modules in Dutch.

Facts about the European Master of Science in Midwifery at a glance:

  • A master’s programme that you can tailor to your own needs
  • One core module; the rest are elective modules that you can take at any university of your choice
  • Intensive and inspiring introduction week with fellow students, during which you get to know each other and the educational system
  • Distance learning: personal and flexible education with fellow students and lecturers
  • Growth of your national and international midwifery network
  • International recognition of your degree that comes from our partner in Hannover

AVMU in Maastricht also currently offers different interesting elective modules:

Strategy development and leadership

Implementing innovations in maternal & infant care

Enroll now and start building the future of midwifery today!