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Public health and maternal & infant care

Healthcare is constantly changing. Besides new insights for curing diseases, also measures to prevent diseases and to promote the health of the wider population are gaining more and more attention. Public Health is the discipline that aims to promote the health of the community. As such public health shares a lot of common ground with midwifery care. Pregnancy is the starting point of a new generation: healthy aging begins in the womb.

The preconception and prenatal periods are two periods in a human life, in which health improvements can be achieved through prevention – thus providing an important window of opportunity for public health. By stimulating healthy lifestyles and recognizing health problems in a timely manner, midwives can make a difference to public health. The organization of midwifery care offers significant opportunities for a broad approach to health, focusing on both individual health and a community approach.

This module consists of five scenarios, a written health needs assessment and a presentation of this assessment.

The general objective of the module is to learn to critically analyse theories and concepts in the field of public health and relate these to midwifery care. You will conduct a health needs assessment by systematically identifying a health problem and the behaviour related to this problem.

This module will not be offered in academic year 2019-2020.