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Health promotion is an important task for midwives. Midwives often encounter questions like 'how do I encourage my pregnant client to stop smoking' or 'how do I encourage her to pay more attention to foetal movement’.

The most obvious solution is to use existing programmes of ‘best practices’. The results of this programme are better and safer care, lower cost and more healthy clients.

One issue, however, is that programmes have often been developed for a specific target group, such as primiparae, or a particular setting, such as disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Is it possible to implement such programmes for other populations or settings without changing them? And how can programmes remain effective if they are changed?

During this module you get new insights in the step-by-step approach of developing and adjusting existing programmes aimed at midwifrey en health promotion. The underlying theme is the method of ‘intervention mapping’, a framework for effective and step-by-step development and implementation of health promotion interventions.

On successful completion of this module, you will be ready for the next step towards implementation.

This module will not be offered in academic year 2019-2020.