structure of study programme

We offer a four-year, full-time bachelor’s programme at higher vocational training (HBO) level. Each study year is equivalent to 60 ECTS credits (1 ECTS is equivalent to 28 hours of study).

Each study year has a theme and is made up of different study periods. These may consist of internal training periods or internships, which are referred to as external training. The different periods are shown in this chart.

During the internal training period, you work together with your fellow students on a specific theme: pregnancy, labour, postpartum period, etc. The different subjects from the various fields are jointly dealt with here: anatomy, psychology, law, etc.

During an external training period, you do various internships in both first-line midwifery practices and in different hospital departments.

Each period is concluded with one or more exams. As you develop different competencies, you take different types of exams.